Sing it in Sign

Children love to sing and sign. This DVD gives them the opportunity to learn the signs to some favourite songs and nursery rhymes. Presented by Scarlett, the DVD starts with a warm up jingle called ʻTwinkle Fingersʼ. It contains 12 well known children’s songs:

Twinkle Twinkle little star
London Bridge is falling down
Ten fat sausages sizzling in the pan
Music Man
Miss Polly had a dolly
Daisy, Daisy
When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears
The wheels on the bus
Row row row your boat
Baa Baa Black sheep
5 little monkeys bouncing on the bed
ABC song

It is suitable for children 2-10 years old. Younger children will probably benefit from parents or carers learning some of the songs to sign with them. This DVD may also be of interest to older children who are learning or interested in learning sign language, those who work with children in nurseries and schools, or even adult learners of BSL. It makes learning fun and the repetition found in children’s songs helps reinforce new signs.