Second Steps British Sign Language (2 DVD Set)


Dear Learner,

Hello and welcome to this Level Two BSL series, which continues the learning from our very popular Level One series “First Steps British Sign Language”.

Included in this series, is an explanation of how to use BSL features, such as roleshift, placement, directional verbs, multi-channel signs and so on. You will see many examples of stories and conversations using these features. This series will help you to use these in preparation for your level two assessments.

You will learn new vocabulary, extending upon that which was taught at level one. There are several short stories, conversations and fingerspelling tests.

To help you prepare for your level two assessments, there are 3 stories with questions, like the ones in the awarding bodyʼs unit 201. There are also three presentations signed according to the requirements of the awarding body, for unit 202, and likewise, three conversations signed according to the requirements for unit 203.

Disc One Running Time: 1hr 39
Disc Two Running Time: 1hr 44