BSL Finger Spelling DVD

Fingerspelling DVD

This DVD has been produced in response to student feedback, as many feel they lack opportunity for receptive practice.  It has been designed with Level two learners in mind.  In the Signature level two assessment unit 201, students need to read the fingerspelling of the signer in a video story.  Also in assessment unit 203 students need to read the tutor’s fingerspelling in a conversation.  The DVD is also suitable for level one improvers and level three beginners.

The running time is 2.5 hours. There are 70 tests in total, each test containing 20 words or phrases. Most of the tests are lists of single words, but some have two or more and some are short sentences or proverbial sayings. These will be more challenging and you may have to watch a few times.

The fingerspelling is presented with a natural hand position. You will see most of the letters clearly, but some will be more of a challenge, and will require you to work out letters you canʼt quite see using the letters you do know.

This DVD has been produced without the face showing and therefore usual clues from lip pattern. This will improve your fingerspelling skill more rapidly as you won’t be able to lip read.

The following video clip is test one, it is quite moderately paced. The fingerspelling gets faster and more difficult as the student progresses on through to test 70.