BSL Level One Receptive Practise

BSL Level One Receptive Practice

Hello and welcome to this level one DVD to help you improve your receptive skill. It will also help you to understand how to get through your level one assessment units, currently called units 102 and 103.

This DVD contains 10 fingerspelling tests, each with 10 words (names, cities and countries), 10 short stories and 10 conversations. The conversations are like the ones you will do in your assessments, and use all the features required by the awarding body, and use similar topics.

The short stories are played, and then a written English transcript follows. Before watching this transcript, watch each story through and try and voice over what you understand. You may like to also watch again and write down what you see. Then compare your understanding of the story with the transcript.

The conversations are played without subtitles in the first instance. Watch these until you have understood as much as you can, and/or write down what you understand. Then compare with the subtitles replays.

The fingerspelling tests each have 10 words. Pause to write each one down. If you want to fill in any gaps of understanding, go back and watch one more time before looking at the answers which are presented at the end of each test.