BSL Level 2 Stories

BSL Level Two Stories

Welcome to this DVD of 20 BSL presentations, each story being 3-5 minutes in length. All include a minimum of 4 fingerspelling, 2 role shifts, placement, referent, directional verbs, multi-channel signs, non manual features, good BSL order, use of space, pace and flow. These are features that students are expected to use in one of the three assessments carried out by the nationally recognised awarding body for sign language qualification at Level two (currently assessment unit 202). By watching you will understand how to use these features well in your own assessment, and further, the DVD will greatly improve your receptive skill.

The best way to use is to watch each story through. Try and voice over at the same time. Then go back and watch the same story again, this time pausing throughout to write a transcript. When you have done that, compare what you have written with the English transcript on the DVD. Finally watch the same story a third time, and now look for the BSL features used eg, fingerspelling, roleshift and so on. By doing this you will make the most of this valuable learning resource.

Stories are linked to the themes “Shopping and Spending”, “Travel and Holidays”, and “Eating and Drinking”